Achieving Altitude and Distance when Playing Frisbee

Children can definitely throw Frisbees but did you know that if you want to become a good player in Frisbee, you must be able to achieve altitude and distance when tossing the flying disc? It’s really more fun to play any type of Frisbee game if the disc flies higher and farther. If you want to throw the disc farther and higher, you need to know some basics.

Have you checked your stance lately? When playing Frisbee, you should have secure footing just like when you’re playing basketball, baseball, or football. With regular and constant practice, you will be more proficient in handling or throwing the flying disc. Try to throw the disc in various stances and determine which works best for you.

When doing the basic throw, put your thumb atop the Frisbee while the index finger is along the disc’s ridge. Your other fingers should be curled under the disc’s ridge. The ‘true pointer’ should be the index finger. The arms should move like an arc before the throw is made and you will only let go of the disc when the index finger is already pointing to the other player who will receive the disc.

When you’re about to let go of the Frisbee, you must do it with a ‘snap’ and it should be done when your hand is already chest high (preferably when it is angled to the ground. When there is low wind, this movement can generate a maximum distance throw; provided you released the disc good at a horizontal angle.

If you’re hoping to achieve more height, or probably more distance, try to throw the Frisbee from the underhand position. Grip the flying disc properly at your side and bring the disc up with an arc motion. Let the disc go when it is already in a horizontal position.

The underhand throw can be executed in various angles. You can try releasing the Frisbee at different angles until you find the move that works for you best. It would even be possible to throw the disc and have it come back to you, and it is called boomerang style. You can use this style if you’re playing alone.

These are some ways to achieve altitude and distance. If you’re tired of the regular Frisbee game, you can do these things to add some spice in your games.

Frisbee is not new and according to some researches, it was first conceptualized in the 1800s. Since the first time it was introduced, Frisbee has undergone a lot of changes and modifications. Now, it is already played in different types of games and each game has its own rules and playing techniques. The best players practiced for long hours and days in order to learn the moves. There is one Frisbee game which allows players to create or develop their own unique moves and throws and it serves as the basis for identifying the winner.

Try the throwing techniques mentioned earlier so that you can at least see how far your throw goes. With constant practice, you will be able to see your development. You can’t expect to get the throws at one time and it could take several tries before you can get it.

Practice hard and practice good; this is the key to achieving altitude and distance when throwing the Frisbee.