Frisbee Golf

One of the best team building activities that you can get involved with is Frisbee Golf. This game can be played by children and adults since it is a fun off-beat sport like the hacky sack and the broomball.

Frisbee Golf is also called disc golf. The goal of individual players is to throw the flying disc or flying saucer to a target or basket. Frisbee Golf is similar to traditional golf and the terminology and rules are almost the same. A disc golf player can carry many discs because there are no limitations. In Frisbee golf, there are no ‘hazards’ as compared to the traditional golf. The golfers should have a support point on the golf surface before they can make another throw if the previous shot is inbounds. Foot support is the most commonly used supporting point and you should learn how to do it properly.

Before, hippies and radical college students were the only ones who are into Frisbee golf but now, it’s quite different. In fact, many Princeton students are already playing this game since the rules are quite easy to understand and learn. You can’t play Frisbee golf in an ordinary golf course. It should be played on a special Frisbee golf course. You can throw the Frisbee anyway you like because the rules don’t have any specifications.

As compared to regular flying discs, Frisbee golf discs fly farther. It is very enjoyable to play this kind of golf activity and many youths are already into such sport. Since this is a team sport, players will learn how to play as a team.

Aside from being similar to traditional golf rules, Frisbee golf is also similar to international handball. The sport is fast-moving and so it is suitable for young individuals. However, if older adults want to play the game, they can do so especially if the other players are in the same age range or pysical fitness. At present, many colleges already have Frisbee golf clubs or teams for males and females.

Frisbee golf attacks vary, depending on the player but there are generally 2 ways to do it. One way is to aim the disc at the opponent’s court and you have to ensure that it lands inbounds. The other attack is by throwing the disc in such a way that two opposing players touch it to cause a violation called ‘double’.

It is up to the player whether he will run or not when throwing the disc golf. If you want the disc golf to spin into the air, you need to flick your wrist when throwing the Frisbee. most professional Frisbee golf players can only finish the game by hitting the target using the Frisbee.

Frisbee golf or disc golf is an exciting way to spend your free hours together with friends and other Frisbee golf enthusiasts. The Frisbee golf courses are close to nature and you will also be able to get a good exercise. Anyone can participate in Frisbee golf as long as you can handle a physically exhausting game. Whether you’re a competitive person or not, you can also play this fun game; Frisbee golf is definitely gaining much popularity these days. So why not join the others?

If you want to play as a team, choose Frisbee golf. This is a better way to spend your free hours with friends and other players.