Playing Hot Box

If you still find Ultimate Frisbee a bit slow, why not try playing Hot Box? Hot Box is another type of Frisbee game and you can play it even if you only have four players. For starters, it can be a bit hard to motivate other individuals to join the game especially if they are not familiar with Hot Box. If you wan to encourage your friends to join Hot Box, here are the playing instructions for this game.

1. Find an open field or simply a wide area where you can make a 6 ft x 6 ft square. The square should be 20 yards apart. Use 8 visible markers to indicate the square like shoes, cones, or backpacks.

2. Make two teams. You can have a minimum of two players for each team or you can also have more players as long as the teams have equal number of players. Let the teams choose their spot.

3. Toss a coin to determine which team will have the disc or Frisbee first.

4. For the offensive team – throw the flying discs to teammates and try to work towards the end zone. Keep in mind that you can’t run with the disc in your hands. Once the disc is passed to you, plant your foot and you can only pivot from your position as long as you’re holding the disc. Pass the disc to other teammates who are in good positions.

5. For the defensive team – players in the defensive team should try hard to knock off or intercept the flying disc. If you’re successful in intercepting or in knocking off the flying disc to the ground, your team will gain possession of the disc.

6. On offense - one of the teammates should be positioned on the end zone and that player should be able to catch the disc; that way, your team will still hold the disc.

7. On defense – players are not allowed to stand more than two seconds inside their own box. Defense should be carried out from outside of the box. There are no exterior boundaries when it comes to hot box so you need to have a good defense strategy.

8. Before the game starts, the teams should agree on the ‘points’. For example, the first team to get 5 points will win the game or the points could be more than that. The teams should agree with only a specific number of points.

There are times when the game becomes too slow and so the players incorporate additional rules. For instance, players should only be allowed to hold the disc in 10 seconds; if they are unable to pass the disc within that time, the possession of the disc changes.

Break-aways are also excellent when it comes to scoring in Hot Box. If one your teammates can throw the disc with accuracy, you can do this stunt but the catcher should be ready in order to make a point. Defenders should not be too close to the thrower; they should maintain a distance of 2 ft and they are also not allowed to grab, hit, or push the offense.

Hot Box is an exhausting game but its fun. Don’t forget to have drinking water with you because after the game, you will surely find yourself dehydrated. Have a great time playing with friends with this exciting game.