Doing the Kick Throw

Many people are already into the Frisbee fever. A good thing about this game, especially the regular Frisbee, is that you can develop or create your moves. Among the difficult yet unique moves is the ‘kick-throw’. From the very word, you will already have an idea on how the throw is executed.

Kick-throw is basically about throwing the Frisbee with your foot. So how will you do it? Here are the steps to follow:

1. Your feet should be apart from each other (preferably shoulder-width). Position yourself about 45 degrees from the direction you’re aiming with the dominant leg in front. The disc should be held at your waist-level with both of your hands.

2. Release the Frisbee to the space beyond the kicking foot. When releasing the disc, you should let it go in a tilting position and it should be spinning clockwise. That way, the farthest edge of the flying disc is somewhat above the trailing rim or edge.

3. When the disc is about 12-24 inches from the surface, swing the dominant leg like a pendulum and strike the trailing edge of the disc, using the outside portion of the foot. Your goal here is to create forward momentum and to increase the clockwise spin’s rate.

Now, this move is a bit tricky and you might not be able to get it in one try. It will surely take a lot of practice before you can do the kick-throw move.

When practicing the kick-throw move, make sure that your foot does not go after the disc. You must wait until the disc is near you foot (12-24 inches from the ground surface). You don’t have to use a lot of power play here because the move is all about technique. You must be able to determine the proper technique in order to execute the move properly. Some players have their own technique when doing the kick-throw move and perhaps you may be able to create your own technique too.

Keep in mind that controlling the kicked disc is difficult. You should not practice in a very small area where there are other people present because you might hit them. It would be best to practice alone if you’re in a very small area or better yet, try to practice the move in open space where there are very few people.

There are still other movements that you can learn but you need to learn them all one at a time. You can’t practice many moves every time you practice. You must learn to do things one at a time and once you’ve mastered a certain move, you can proceed with another one.

Even if Frisbee is among the non-contact sports, you still need to be extra careful when doing stunts like that. There are times when you can hit another person or you’re the one who will get injured. Being careless is not a good attitude. You must always be aware of the people around you especially once you’ve thrown the disc.

Playing Frisbee is really fun. You will get some exercise while you’re playing with your friends and you can even meet new acquaintances. It’ll be more fun to play this game if all the players know some neat tricks so that the game will not be very boring. You can also teach the move to your friends if you like.