Durango Boot

Durango Boot is more popularly called Durango. It is a non-contact competitive sport which uses a Frisbee or flying disc. The game is very much similar to Ultimate Frisbee. The game got its name from the very first place where it was played – Durango, Colorado; ‘boot’ was added because the players used boots as field markers, hence the name Durango Boot.

Two teams play the game and they need 2 cones which are set very close together. Each team is usually composed of three players. The game starts by flipping the disc and the teams choose heads or tails; the winner will start their offense. One of the objectives of the players is to be able to get a position where they can knock-over the cone. If a certain player is not able to complete his or her throw (or when it has already reached stall count #6, there will be a turnover. The other team’s aim at this point will be to take the Frisbee to a zone called ‘take-back’ so that their opponent will not be able to make a score. The teams should be able to achieve 3 points in order to win. The series usually consists of three games.

At present, the rules of Durango Boot have variations but the original rules are still intact. Amendments were made and there are also some exceptions. Some of the rules are as follows:

1. Each team should only have one cone. Nalgene bottles are usually used in the game. In order to score, any of the players should be able to tip or knock-over the bottle or cone. You can do this by throwing the Frisbee to the bottle or cone, or by simply tipping it over while holding the disc.

2. Traveling calls are made for players who put down their hands attempting to knock-over the bottle or cone but the possession is still maintained.

3. The zone ‘take-back’ was replaced by the half-field line. The teams should be able to cross the line so that they can make a score. This line is marked by a boot or shoe.

4. Hammer throw can be executed by a player of a certain team wherein he or she will attempt to knock-over the cone on the other side of the field. The team will receive a bonus point is they are successful with the throw but if not, the Frisbee or disc will be given to the other team.

These are some of the rules of Durango Boot. If you want to be a good player of this game, you should know all the rules or regulations so that you will not commit any violation. By practicing regularly, you can surely develop the right moves so that you can easily knock-over the cone or bottle. Durango Boot is really quite popular especially in Colorado. If you live nearby, it will be easier to find other players who are also interested in the game. You’re lucky if you can find a Durango Boot club in your area; and if you find one, join the club so that you meet other players in your area.

Playing safe is very important and so you have to purchase the needed equipments like protective clothing. Durango Boot is an exciting game; so what are you waiting for? Join the games played in your area and good luck in knocking over the cone.