Are you already familiar with Fricket? Fricket is also called disc cricket and this is a game which is played by 2 teams consisting of 2 players each. The game is played two-on-two although there are times when it is played one-on-one. Fricket is played with a Frisbee or flying disc and there also times when the game is called Cups, crispy wickets, Flimsee, and Suzy sticks.

Fricket is similar to Fris-nok but there are also some differences in the two games. The name ‘Fricket’ was coined from the words Frisbee and cricket.

This game utilizes some equipments and it is basically a non-contact sport or game. Protective equipments are not needed. You will need long wickets (4-5 ft) but if you don’t have any, you can use substitutes like plastic rods, steel, wooden dowels, and garden bamboo stakes. Fricket makes use of a specific Frisbee or flying disc as well as 4 pieces of 12-ounce cups. These plastic cups will be set on top of the 4-5 ft wickets.

Like other Frisbee games, Fricket should be played on a field. The playing area should be rectangular in shape. If you want detailed illustrations of the playing field, you can easily obtain them online. Conduct a simple search online about Fricket and find the field illustration; you can even print it if you like.

Team games have certain rules to follow to ensure the safety of the players and not only that, rules are also required so that a winner can be proclaimed. Each team should have a pair of wickets. The flying discs are thrown at the opponents with two aims in mind – one is to knock-off the cups through the flying disc or to simply pass the flying disc between the opponent’s wickets without any contact. The team receiving the throws can’t interfere and they should simply stand behind their wickets. Just in case the cups are hit, the team in defense should be able to catch the cup using one hand only.

The scoring system of Fricket is quite simple. The throwing team can earn 2 points if they are able to make a clean pass (the flying disc should cleanly pass between the wickets). If the throwing team knocks-off the cup and the defense team was not able to catch it, the throwing team will get one point. The defense team can get a point if they can catch the falling cup with one hand. If the knocked-off cup is caught through body trapping, both teams receive no points.

Now that you know the rules and scoring system of Fricket, you can now play the game together with your friends. Fricket is already recognized in the sports industry and it is not difficult to obtain the needed equipments from online and local sports stores.

If this is your first time to play, you may find the game a bit difficult but with constant practice, you will surely become a better player. Anyone can throw a Frisbee and so why can’t you? Start learning how to play Friskee because this is an exciting game. It can also help to sharpen your senses and not only that, it can also help you maintain a physically fit body.

Don’t sit all day and instead, get active; join competitive sports like Fricket. Find individuals in your area who are also interested in Fricket and play with them.