Ultimate Frisbee Terminology

Games have different terminologies being used during the game. Before you start playing any game, you should try to research about the terminologies used so that when you’re already on the playing field, you will not stand there with your mouth wide open (just because you can’t understand what the other players are talking about). This is also true with ultimate Frisbee. So what are the terminologies used in Ultimate Frisbee? Read on to find out.

Players of Ultimate Frisbee should not play without adequate knowledge about the game. There are lots of information resources online about this popular Frisbee game. There are different kinds of Frisbee games aside from Ultimate Frisbee like Dodge Frisbee, Friskee, Flutterguts, Guts Frisbee and many others. Each of the games have their own terminologies and it’s quite easy to mix them up. You have to familiarize yourself with the different terminologies to avoid any confusion.

Eight of the most-used terms in Ultimate Frisbee are the following:

1. Backhand – this will depend if the player is right handed or left handed; right handed players display backhand by throwing the flying disc from the body’s left side while the left handed individuals throw from the body’s right side.

2. Cut – this is done by making a quick attempt to change direction of movement to keep away from the defender

3. Flow – this refers to a series of well-timed passes made through cuts

4. Dump – this is done when a player is under pressure and he or she makes a quick short pass.

5. Forehand – right handed players execute forehand by throwing the disc from the body’s right side; left handed players throw the disc from the body’s left side.

6. Hammer – this refers to the overhead throw that is executed quite high

7. Pull – this refers to the throw made once the game begins; this throw initiates play

8. Swing – this refers to the lateral pass made across the playing field

There are still other terms used in Ultimate Frisbee and you have to learn them all. If you try to compare this Frisbee game with other sports games, ultimate Frisbee is different because there are no referees or arbitrators. Players settle their own disputes and they make the call for foul and other violations. Because of this, players should know about the game’s rules or regulations, violations, and of course, the terminology. That way, you can easily make a call or you can identify the moves of the other players without much problem.

Sometimes disputes arise because players can’t understand each others. If they know the terminologies and language used in Ultimate Frisbee, the players can avoid misunderstandings. It’s really important to speak the same language in order for players to understand one another. Ultimate Frisbee is not new and it has been around for many years now.

However, its popularity increased in the past couple of years. More and more individuals are already into Frisbee games and since Frisbee has different types of games, it is vital for every game to have its own identity, separate from the other Frisbee games. One way to do that is to have certain terminologies that are used specifically for that kind of game.

Play Ultimate Frisbee games and make sure you know the terminologies used, as well as the rules of the game. You will need those things if you want to be an effective player.