Where the Name Frisbee Came From

A name tells a lot about a certain thing or individual. Even Frisbee has its own history and inventor. Because of the inventor, this exciting recreation became known all over the world. Oftentimes, the inventor or creator of a thing is the main focus of debates. You see, there are times when the origin of a certain thing is not known because of lack of evidence but in the case of Frisbee, its inventors were clearly identified.

The name ‘Frisbee’ got its name from Frisbie Baking Company. The company was located at Bridgeport Connecticut and they made excellent pies for the colleges found in New England. According to some sources, the students in the colleges played with the empty tins of the pies. It served as a form of game or sport for them and so they were the very first players of Frisbee.

Another source claimed that the name ‘Frisbee’ was derived from Elihu Frisbie who was an undergraduate student in Yale. Elihu used to fling tray collections from the chapel to the school grounds.

All these things happened in the 1820’s and ‘Frisbee’ was simply coined by the college students. Until now, Frisbee is still believed to have been derived from the pie company and the name of the undergrad student. Both the student and pie company are trying to claim the Frisbee’s origin.

Later on, the pie tins were replaced by plastic Frisbee versions which were designed by Warren Franscioni and Walter Frederick Morrison. The plastic Frisbees are far better than the pie tins because it can fly farther and more accurately. However, Franscioni and Morrison called it ‘Pluto-platter’ and it was a sure hit during their time since many people were quite interested in the UFOs. Since the basic design was saleable and hit the market by storm, it was patented and named ‘Morrison Slope’.

Morrison later on sold the design to Wham-O. This was another company which manufactured hula hoops. The production started in 1957. The sales were extraordinary but after several years, Pluto-platter’s sales slowed down. Wham-O wanted to restore the toy into the market and that was also the time when they found out about the story of the Frisbee. Wham-O borrowed the name and re-introduced Frisbee but this time, not as a toy but as a sport.

College students also called playing Frisbee as ‘frisbie-ing’ and now it is already called Ultimate Frisbee which is very much similar to football.

So, are you still wondering where the name ‘Frisbee’ came from? One can’t exactly tell where Frisbee came from but for now, all the individuals and companies mentioned earlier are all responsible for the creation of Frisbee. The recreation sport will not be popular in today’s times without their contributed efforts. To sum it all up, the name ‘Frisbee’ came from Frisbie Baking Company, Elihu Frisbie, the college students who played with the pie tins and coined the word ‘frisbei-ing’, Warren Franscioni, Walter Frederick Morrison, and Wham-O.

If one of them is missing, Frisbee wouldn’t be recognized as a recreational sport today. Thanks to these individuals and companies, people today can play a very exciting and fun sport like Frisbee. Purchase your Frisbee now and enjoy playing it with your family and friends. It is surely a fun way to keep your body fit and to use your extra energy.